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We are a distinctly Christian counseling center here to help you weather life's challenges.  

We are here to help you manage the challenges of your life, whether it is a crisis, a parenting challenge, a new marriage or daily ups and downs.  We are committed to listening and responding with care, competency, and training to your specific needs.  


Our Mission



We care about your wants, needs and struggles and are committed to sharing with you our genuine desire to help others.  Our team has spent years with struggling individuals and families and we realize life often presents us with overwhelming challenges and new experiences that we don’t quite feel ready to deal with.  We want you to know your concerns matter to us and we will strive to communicate this to you in a real and authentic way.



We believe in research and studying the issues people and families combat daily.  Please know that our team shares a commitment to education and training that you can trust in and rely on.  We will provide you with resources and documentation for our views and approaches.  We want you to understand how we arrived at our conclusions.  We also want you to be assured that if you present a new challenge to us, we will research it and get back to you with resources and findings.



We strive to provide you with training and instruction.  We want to equip you with resources that you might not find elsewhere and that are specifically applicable to your situation.  We will teach you about your anxiety or depression and how to combat it in new ways.  We will provide you with new parenting approaches and resources.  We will help you understand nuances about adoption you never learned about before.  Whatever your issue we are committed to training as an integral part of your positive counseling experience.



We all hold to the importance of Scripture and Biblical Truth in all areas of life.  We will help your realize discrepancies in your belief system, we will find new Biblical insights about your struggle and work through your pain and hurts that we sometimes hold against God. We hold to a distinctly Christian worldview and will help you expand your thoughts and perspectives around these issues as you desire to grow in these areas.

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