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Woodstock, GA

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Jared Pogue


Woodstock and Roswell Locations

Jared grew up in Woodstock, Georgia.  It was during his time in Woodstock that Jared honed his understanding of what makes  people change.  After spending some time in Corporate America, Jared realized the importance of people and how people can only change with appropriate implementation of accountability, challenge, and encouragement.  


Working professionally with adolescents, college students, adults and others; Jared has experienced helping others understand how their world view affects their perceptions and day-to-day struggles.  Jared has experience working with a variety of concerns, including struggles with anxiety, depression, anger, grief, career, dissatisfaction and personal distress.  

Being thoroughly trained at the University of West Georgia and continuing his education via the pursuit of Biblical Counseling through the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation.  Jared offers a panoramic perspective from two different therapeutic philosophies about the human condition and how it affects what people will become.  




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