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Jared Pogue

Stepping into Failure

Helping someone who is struggling with a nagging sense of failure can be difficult. Failure wants to quickly scribe an identity on to a person without giving them more than a second glance. And in order to truly help someone, it takes more than a simple thirty second conversation.

Remember this first before jumping in to serve: People’s reactions to failures reveal much about them. Most people don’t breakdown and cry unless they are facing something that is too big for them to handle. Observe everything you can before approaching their struggles. Verbally recognize their pain and in humility ask if they’d be willing to share it with you. Always think of this as a blessing, that someone is willing to trust you enough to share their burdens with you.

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Mead Reed

Courage in the Face of Grief and Sadness

Courage is the ability to do something frightening; having strength to face pain or grief. Ambrose Redmoon says “courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” Courage, therefore, only takes place when fear is actually present. Being brave is going face to face with fear, feeling scared to do something, but choosing to do it anyway.

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Jared Pogue

How Depression is Different for a CHristain

Depression tends to have a say in our lives. While everyone feels reasonably sad from time to time, depression's influence is unreasonable and often merciless. Depression wants to convince us of a different narrative, a narrative that contains distortions of truth about ourselves and the world around us. Its grasp refuses to let us go.

Some days it has more in common with a domestic abuser, a drunken and abusive spouse, than it does with feelings of mere sadness. Even when its presence is distant, its narrative has more control over us than we'd like to admit. Pretending it isn't there, drowning its influence through our addictions of choice, or simply giving in to its power sometimes feels like our only response. Fortunately, for the Christian, there is more to the story.

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