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This form grants Restoration Counseling of Atlanta permission to email you copies of your invoices or statements.

Download Authorization Form

We recommend the following books and websites for your learning and growth.  Feel free to check out this list and look for resources pertaining to your needs.

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This bundle of forms is for individuals pursuing counseling.

Download Individual Counseling Forms Bundle

This bundle of forms includes duplicate copies of all the necessary forms for a couple to begin counseling.

Download Complete Couple's Counseling Forms





These forms are for children who are seeking counseling.  Additionally divorced parents should be prepared to provide proof of "final say" for counseling services.

Download Child Counseling Forms>



This form allows Restoration Counseling of Atlanta to speak with others about or on behalf of the client.  Clients may designate the details that they wish to permit disclosure about.  This form may also be used to grant other entities permission to speak with Restoration Counseling of Atlanta.

Download Release Forms>

This form grants therapist permission to perform secure web based counseling with clients.  It informs them of the risks and dangers of this format of therapy.

Download Web Counseling Informed Consent Form>


This form is for those attending counseling with an existing client at Restoration Counseling of Atlanta, but who will not be regularly recieving counseing.  This might include spouse, boyfriend, family member, friend.

Forms for Collateral Attendee

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