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Betsy Bowers

Our Microwave Culture and Starving Marriages - What if Connection rather than Convenience was the Norm?

It’s simple enough, you have the opportunity to tell your wife that she looks attractive first thing in the morning or you let that genuine thought remain just that, a thought. You can either acknowledge the moment when your husband arrives home from the office after a twelve-hour day (preceding the kids’ 6:30 am wake-up call), or you can forgo letting him know that you notice his dedication to your family’s dinnertime ritual. According to Drs. Julie and John Gottman, leading researchers on the commonalities between successful marriage relationships, these brief snapshots of ordinary, seemingly humdrum life are crucial moments of exchange in a marriage’s “Emotional Bank Account”. 

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Rachel Fishman

Giving the Gift of Acknowledgement

The holiday season ushers in countless opportunities for reflection and remembrance. Many of us remember past holidays with loved ones that are now deceased, friends and family that have moved away, or treasured things that have been lost. While we can find joy in reflecting back, it is common to simultaneously experience feelings of grief and loss. Children are not excluded from experiencing these conflicting feelings during the holidays. Adopted youth in particular may experience amplified feelings of grief and loss surrounding the holidays. Therefore, the holidays provide adoptive parents with unique opportunities to care for their adopted children.

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Betsy Bowers

The tumult of a blank page, the emptiness of the most lively soul you know, the contrast between your child’s curious nature and the dim appearances of your elderly parent’s consciousness- life is full of contradictions that we experience in fleeting and resounding ways every day. 

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Jordan Yates

Never Underestimate the Power of a Timeout

We’ve all heard that cooler heads always prevail.  Only problem is it’s not always easy to keep a cool head.  Lucky for sports teams and families alike, we all have timeouts at our disposal. 

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