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Jordan Yates

Support Community Support

The days of it taking a village to raise a child may have lost some of its appeal these days, but the need for it in today’s community has not waned.  Never did that become more apparent to me than through observing a clear transformation at Lithia Springs High School several years ago where a new head coach came up with the brilliant idea of eliciting community support for a football program in desperate need of a resurrection. 

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Jordan Yates

Practice Makes Perfect?

While the general public usually spends countless hours throughout the weekend tailgating before the big game, having people over to watch the game on the big screen, or simply buying tickets and sitting in the stands among thousands of fans, football teams usually spend a majority of their energy well before the weekend, preparing for the weekend’s challenge. 

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Jordan Yates

Teach Them While They’re Doing Good

Even now, many years later, I can still picture the shell-shocked face of a poor high school sophomore who just could not get it right on the football field one particular night. Even through the oversize, dirt-stained face-mask – from seemingly coming up empty on every tackle and sliding headfirst onto the wet field time after time – that face of dejection paired with the face of the enraged head coach still irks me to this day. 

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