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Jared Pogue, LAPC

We live in a world full of words. Well at least I live in a world full of words. Those words are typically summarized as Accomplish. Do. Fulfill. Always. Move. Succeed. Improve. Work. These words fill our heads, my own head, everyday. I’m certain that this emphasis on our worth in life being a result of accomplishment is so socially engrained that it feels near impossible to escape. I’ve told myself these words for years and have self-inflicted shame every time I couldn’t live up to the unrealistic, short-sighted standard.

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How to Help Couples Preparing for Marriage

Being engaged is an exciting time in life!  The engaged couple eagerly awaits learning more about each other and anticipates spending the rest of their lives together.  Any healthy relationship requires time and preparation in order for it to thrive and grow, and marriage is no exception. Every couple goes into their marriage expecting it to be great; however, a marriage that does not have a firm and steady foundation will lead to both people being bitter and resentful. Creating a healthy marriage that will continue to be strong in every situation is the goal for every new couple.  

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Jared Pogue

Losing our children to Youtube

On average American kids 8-18 years old are spending 53 hours a week on digital media, with the majority of that time being spent on Youtube. By contrast, only about 6% of kids are spending time outdoors on their own accord. Things like fishing, swimming, catching lightning bug, putting frogs in jars, pick-up games of baseball or basketball, and star gazing are practically left to the distant memories of the previous two or three generations. Exploration of the natural world and creating stories together with childhood friends has changed to vicariously exploring the wild west of Youtube and posting the stories of others to share with anyone that follows their social media page. On top of this, parents are finding that their kids have lost track of normal time-oriented rhythms. Kids are mixing up their nights and days due to technology and they are finding it hard to function properly outside of the world of technology. No wonder an entire generation of parents feel like they are losing their children to Youtube.

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Mead Reed


Your child often loses homework assignments, he is unable to stay focused on a given task, he has a lack of impulse control, and is disorganized—these are just a few of the behaviors that a parent might see manifest in a child who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This parent may often feel frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure of how to help the child who is struggling. The child may also feel that he never measures up to his parents’ standards, and he is constantly trying to do better. He may feel angry at himself that it takes him twice as long to do a task that would take his younger brother only a few minutes. It is a common misconception that a person with ADHD lacks intelligence. There have been many studies that have proved the opposite, that children with ADHD are often highly intelligent. According to an article in Psychology Today, a person with ADHD does not lack intelligence; however, he may lack the ability to best utilize his intelligence. The child with ADHD may not know that she also struggles with executive functioning, which makes it hard for her to plan ahead and to stay organized. Here are some tips to help a child who struggles with ADHD.

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