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Eating Disorders

We provide counseling for both women and men struggling with food issues.

We treat:



Binge Eating



Body Dysmorphic Disorder 

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a set of symptoms that many consider an offshoot of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and is characterized by a pervasive distraction with bodily “imperfections”.  Much energy is devoted to hiding perceived flaws, such as scars, blemishes, and unwanted curves, etc.  Many therapeutic systems, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, have been found to be useful for this particular spectrum of behaviors and beliefs.  Oftentimes, this pattern begins in early adolescence, and is associated with other struggles, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Do you spend an excessive amount of time looking in the mirror, changing clothes, or focusing on one aspect of your appearance such as your hair, face, or stomach?  This kind of preoccupation can be distressing and feel isolating, especially if you are a Christian and know that it is God that looks at the heart.  However, this truth does not seem to remove the dull ache or sharp pain of your deeply-rooted insecurity.

Processing the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs associated with this condition is imperative to recovery and renewal.  Working with the truth of Scripture and finding the appropriate distance from the origins of these paralyzing thoughts and behaviors, finding peace with the creation that you are is a necessary step in the path to wholeness.  In the context of a therapeutic relationship, sufferers can address their negative beliefs about themselves and learn new ways of dealing with tension and insecurity.

Emotional Eating Workshop

photo_emotionaleatingThis is a six week workshop. Fees are collected on a per session basis. Attendance is not mandatory for all six sessions, but it is recommended. Each session will be one hour and fifteen minutes and will include both teaching and discussion. Topics covered will include: Body Image, Mindless Eating, The Shield of Food, Growing Your Awareness and others. The cost for this group is $40 per person per session.

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