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We offer both free and fee based groups on issues such as adoption support, teen process groups, anger management, ADD kids, sexual abuse and more.

Adoptive Parent Group - Thursday nights 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Presented by Rachel Fishman, MA LAPC, NCC, TBRI® Trained

Adoptive parent groups are for adoptive mothers, fathers, and other adoptee caretakers who would like to meet, encourage, and be encouraged by other adoptive parents. Adoptive parent groups provide a unique opportunity to connect with local adoptive families, experience emotional and spiritual growth by way of the group dynamic, and learn from the experiences and viewpoints of others. Additionally, adoptive parents can receive helpful and up to date information on adoption-specific topics as well as referrals to other services.  Please visit Rachel Fishman’s bio on the staff page to learn more about the group leader. Please call or email Rachel prior to attending or with any questions you may have. (678-534-3824 x113 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  )

Support Group Schedule:

August 21

September 25

October 23

More dates to come…


  • Support Group – Free
  • Located on site at Restoration Counseling of Atlanta


Kids with ADD and ADHD Group

Presented by  

Anger and Emotion Regulation Groups

Presented by15115411-angry-young-man1

This group provides all participants anger management core concepts, biblical illustrations, and essential skills needed for desirable behaviors at home, work, church, and in the community.  This program is geared for a minimum number of six (6) group members and a maximum of eight (8) group members at Restoration Counseling of Atlanta or on site at a participating church, school, or community center.  Each session is $40 for the 15-week program, which will run consecutively each week. Only one (1) excused absence will be allowed for the purpose of maintaining group accountability, group unity, and lesson continuity.

Week 1 - Anger Management Treatment Overview (General Purpose, Myths, and Truths)

Week 2 - Events and Cues (Physical, Behavioral, Emotional, and Cognitive signals)

Week 3 - Anger Control Plans, Timeout and Relaxation Through Breathing strategies)

Week 4 - Power and Control Models, Breaking the Chains of Controlling Tendencies

Week 5 - The Aggression Cycle (Escalation, Explosion, and Postexplosion phases)

Week 6 - Cognitive Restructuring, Part I (A-B-C-D Model)

Week 7 - Cognitive Restructuring, Part II (Thought Stopping Statements)

Week 8 - First Half Summary, Review Session

Week 9 - Assertiveness Training

Week 10 - Conflict Resolution Model

Week 11 - Anger and the Family, Part I (Family Background)

Week 12 - Anger and the Family, Part II (Current Family)

Week 13 - God and Anger

Week 14 - Second Half Summary, Review Session

Week 15 - Graduation, Personal Testimonies

Wounded Heart Group – Victims of Sexual Abuse

photo_woundedheartThis group is for survivors of sexual abuse and in some cases rape victims. Women who have been through these types of trauma often feel like they are the only ones who:

  • Find all men repulsive
  • Are very promiscuous in their relationships
  • Continually find themselves in relationships with other abusers
  • Have high degrees of anger which often are directed at those they love
  • Find intimacy in marriage very frightening and dissatisfying

If you have ever had some of these thoughts, then this group will convince you that you are not alone and that it does not have to be this way forever. During the sixteen weeks this group meets we will deal with issues that are related to your present condition, and your experiences of the past and the things that you will need to work through to get better.

Each group meets for an hour and a half. A commitment to attend and pay for all sixteen weeks ($40 per week) is required. For more information contact Betsy Bowers at 678.534.3824 x 114.

Parents of Defiant Children – Support Group

photo_defiantchildThis will be an open group running for 10 weeks at a time. Issues covered will include: feeling like you are not alone, defining behavioral standards, setting respected limits, taking care of yourself as a parent.

The cost for this group is $45 per family per session. The group size is limited to 6 families at any one time.

For more information contact Betsy Bowers at 678.534.3824 x 114.



Emotional Eating Workshop

photo_emotionaleatingThis is a six week workshop. Fees are collected on a per session basis. Attendance is not mandatory for all six sessions, but it is recommended. Each session will be one hour and fifteen minutes and will include both teaching and discussion. Topics covered will include: Body Image, Mindless Eating, The Shield of Food, Growing Your Awareness and others. The cost for this group is $40 per person per session.


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