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Jennifer Stuckert, MA MFT, LPC, NCC, CPCS offers supervision for those who are seeking to gain thier LPC or need hours toward the MFT licesnse. Her clinical theoretical orientation is interpersonal, psychodynamic, systemic and cognitive.  Her supervision orientation includes cognitive, systemic, interpersonal process recall, and psychodynamic.  She has had very specialized training in biblical integration and will regularly utilize those skills in supervision to encourage and grow the supervisee’s skills in integration.  

A one hour introductory meeting is required to determine “goodness of fit” to pursue a supervisory relationship as it relates to your supervision needs, clinical experience goals and my clinical background, experience etc…. the fee is $ 120/hour.  If it is determined that we will not work together then consultation and referrals will be provided upon request.

My supervision groups are limited to 4-6 participants; the fee is $60 per person per month.  Please note that if you must miss a meeting 24 hour notice is expected.  However, you are still responsible for your fee of $60 per group whether you attend your meeting or not.  We will meet bi-monthly for two hours per month or on a weekly basis one hour per week according to our mutually agreeable schedule.  Payment for these supervisory appointments will be due at time of receipt.



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