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The first session includes building rapport, collecting historical information, and setting goals for the process of therapy.  Clients vary in their ability to know what is bothering them and in their ability to articulate clear goals for therapy.  It is the therapist’s job to help them gain clarity and set goals.  Clients can expect the therapist's help and expertise in this area.

Each session is 50 minutes long unless other specific arrangements have been made in advance.  Clients should budget an hour of time at the office for each visit to include the amount of time it takes to pay for the session and reschedule the next appointment.

Clients usually meet weekly in the beginning, particularly if the problem is very urgent or distressing, then they work to meet every other week and then monthly until they no longer need therapeutic help.

The average amount of time most issues can be covered in therapy is six to eight weeks.  The notable exceptions are marriage therapy, adoption/foster care treatment, severe depression/mood disorders, eating disorders and abuse issues, all have a longer treatment cycle.

Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia and therefore is an out of network provider for most insurance companies.  Mead is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (LAPC) and and Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therpist in the state of Georgia and is an out of network provider with companies accepting LAPC’s.  Jared is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (LAPC) and is an out of network provider with companies accepting LAPC"s.

Restoration Counseling of Atlanta does not file insurance, but once a month we can provide you with a detailed billing statement that will enable you to file with your insurance company for reimbursement.  To learn more details about how this works click here.

Each client is in control of the level of spiritual discussions permitted in their session.  If you do not desire to discuss spiritual matters please inform your therapist of your position in the first session and your request will be honored unless you bring spiritual issues forward at a later date.

That being said, a person can never separate themselves from their world and life view, and those who work in this office hold a Christian world and life view.  You may have encountered other therapists who were not transparent about their view of the world. This does not mean they do not have one, just that they are either unaware or that they are purposefully not disclosing it.

Current appointment availability is dependant on the individual counselor's schedule.  Jennifer weekly hours are Mondays 12:30 to 6pm, Wednesday 9am - 6pm, Thursday 9am - 12pm, and Friday 9am to 1pm.  Mead's weekly hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am-6pm in Roswell and Thursday's from 11am - 4pm in Woodstock.  Jared's hours include Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, in our Woodstock location and Fridays at our Roswell location. If a regular time can be agreed upon Jennifer, Mead or Jared will reserve that spot for you unless you state that you will not want it for a particular week or if you no longer need it because you complete your counseling process.

Jennifer’s approach to therapy is more of a tapestry than one static system that is applied to every situation.  That being said some of her favorite techniques include: emotion focused therapy, solution focused therapy, cognitive therapy, and immediacy focused therapy, to name a few.   Jennifer’s main goal is to learn about you. We will craft an approach that is tailored to your learning and communication style and takes into consideration the strength or delicacy that your particular needs require from your therapist.  It is our belief that the same approach is not appropriate for everyone, therefore we will offer you an approach that is most compatible with who you are and what you need. 

If you have difficulty paying the fees for counseling you have several options. You can request assistance from other family members, you can request assistance from your church or you can see if your therapist will allow you to come at a lower frequency based on the nature of your counseling needs. However, each client is responsible to pay their full fee or have a definite payment plan arranged by an additional party at an agreed amount. If a third party is paying for all or some of the counseling fees this person or entity would need to communicate this in writing prior to starting counseling services.

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